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Cheesy Slow Cooker Meatballs + Twisted Breadsticks How-To

Cheesy Slow-Cooker Meatballs and Twisted Garlic Bread Skewers
Comfort food just got better with these cheesy stuffed meatballs and twisted garlic bread skewers. MORE+ LESS-

I don’t know about you, but spaghetti with meatballs is one of my favorite, go-to comfort food meals. My kids, on the other hand, can get tired of it pretty quick. So when I snuck some mozzarella cheese in to the center of these super easy, slow cooker meatballs they were over-the-moon-excited! They thought it was the coolest thing EVER. My son kept asking how I got the cheese in there. Before I knew it, all of them were scarfing down their meatballs to find the cheesy centers. 

For an easy dish to serve on the side, I decided to make traditional garlic bread a little more fun. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that food on a stick is always a win with kids. This tasty bread is perfect for dipping into the spaghetti sauce, or used as magic wands … your choice! 

Making the cheese-stuffed meatballs and twisted garlic bread skewers couldn’t be easier. Start by throwing your meatball ingredients in a bowl and mixing together.

string cheese, ground beef, parmesan cheese, egg in a mixing bowl

Shape your meatballs, then use your finger to poke a little hole in to the meatball, then place a little bit of a mozzarella stick inside. Seal it back up, then repeat!

balls of ground beef with chunks of cheese in the middle

Pour your favorite spaghetti sauce in your slow cooker then place your meatballs inside. Cover and cook on low for four hours.

Meatballs in spagetti sauce in a slow cooker

To make the garlic bread skewers just pop open a tube of Pillsbury Pizza Crust and cut it into one-inch strips. Grab some wooden skewers and start twisting the dough around the skewer.

Dough sheet cut into strips and wrapped around a wooden skewer

Once they’re done baking, brush them with the delicious garlic butter mixture and enjoy.

Breadsticks on skewers with a cup of melted butter and a pastry brush

Just like that, your comfort food got a new facelift that’s kid (and adult) approved!