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Chili Cheese Dog Bake How-To

Your family will love this twist on chili cheese dogs. Cheesy dogs get wrapped in a buttery crust, then baked on a bed of hearty chili.

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In true chili cheese dog fashion, this Chili Cheese Dog Bake is messy, but it’s finger-lickin’ good. In fact, you’ll probably want to eat this delicious weeknight dinner with a knife and fork to be on the safe side. 

I’m not lying when I say that my family thought this was hands-down one of the best dinners I’ve ever come up with. I mean, what’s not to love about a hearty chili that’s topped with an ooey-gooey, cheesy hot dog that’s wrapped in a buttery pizza crust?! Seconds were had by all, so you know it was good! 

Grab your ingredients and let’s make this! 

Heat your favorite chili, then pour it in the bottom of your casserole dish.

Unwrap your Pillsbury Pizza Crust and cut it into four equal strips, like so.
Cut your cheddar cheese sticks in half lengthwise and sandwich your hot dog between the cheese slices. Wrap the pizza dough strip around the cheese and hot dog.
Repeat with the remaining cheese sticks and hot dogs, and then place them on top of your chili and bake until they’re lightly golden brown.
Make a quick garlic butter by melting some butter then stir in a little garlic powder and parsley. Brush it on top of the warm chili cheese dogs.
How easy was that? Your family will be singing your praises when they pull up to the table for this classic comfort food with a spin. Pair with a green salad and you’ll have yourself a true knockout meal.
Shawn Syphus

About Shawn Syphus of I Wash, You Dry

As a mom of four, Shawn is b-u-s-y, but she almost always manages to put a delicious dinner on the table. She loves simple, good-tasting meals and sweet treats that use as few dishes as possible.

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