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Perfect Pi

Triple Berry Pi Day Pie
These bloggers bake up sweet and savory ways to celebrate 3.14. MORE+ LESS-
chocolate coconut hand pie

Chocolate Coconut Hand Pie

You can pull together these three-ingredient, single-serving pies from spabettie (aka Kristina) in less time that it would take to memorize pi out to 100 decimal places.

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pie on plate

3.1415926 Pie 

You’ll have to look closely to catch the clever homage to pi day from Donna Currie at, which uses 3 different fruits, 1 pie crust, 4 crust ingredients, 1 nutty ingredient, etc. 

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pie with numbers

Vegetable Pot Pie

Good with dough? Take a cue from Cate and bake up a delish pot pie decorated with a nod to the number. 

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whoopie pies with pi symbol

Whoopie Pis

For this pi idea, the detail’s in the decorations. Start with your favorite whoopie pie recipe (or use ours) and get creative like Janie Larson did! 

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pie in the shape of pi symbol

Drunken Apple Pi(e)

Alisun at For Your Pies Only pulls out all the stops with her stunner of an addition to the day: “pi” dough filled with whiskey-laced fruit. 

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strawberry chocolate pies on stick with pi symbol

Strawberry-Chocolate Pies on a Stick

Everything tastes better on a stick—especially these mini pies from justJENN, which are stuffed with strawberries and hazelnut spread with cocoa. Yum. 

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mini apple pies in the shape of pi

Mini Apple Pie Pi 

Starshipminivan shows off her passion for pi with a bounty of mini Dutch apple pies—arranged in symbolic formation. 

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