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Just Eat Dessert. You Deserve It!

Peach Melba Lemon Bar
By Natalie Boike
Peach Melba Lemon Bar

As a self-proclaimed sugar addict, I’m always looking for a way to sneak a little something sweet into my day. After chasing a toddler around all morning, I don’t seem to have any trouble finding a reason for a sugar break. I mean, don’t I deserve a treat?! I’m currently devouring Fiber One’s pre-portioned 90-calorie brownies and bars. They’re a great way to add a low-calorie treat to the day, so I don’t have any post-snacking guilt. 

Even better, I can add a few more ingredients and really dessertify my day. My current go-to “recipe” uses in-season peaches. I simply slice up the peaches, then add raspberries and a spoonful of lemon curd to the Fiber One 90 calorie lemon bar for a delicious and satisfying Peach Melba Lemon Bar. (For those counting, it clocks in at 171 calories and has the added bonus of six grams of fiber.) 

Look for the grab-and-go treats at your local grocery store and find your favorite flavor. You deserve it, too. Find a retailer near you.