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Five Bite Size Pies

Everyone loves pie. Now everyone can love their own with this collection of bite-sized pies that are fun, funky and so easy to bake!

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Brooke McLay
Making a big ol' pie is one of those things your grandma did. After all, she wasn't running kids here and there, holding down a job, keeping up with after-school activities and attempting to maintain balance in this hectic modern life of ours. No, indeed. She had time to pick fresh berries, prepare her own crust and bake it all into homemade pie perfection.

Nowadays, there's just no time to cook up a whole from-scratch pie. But that doesn't mean you have to live without it! Pillsbury comes to the rescue with these fun bite-size pie recipes. From mini tarts to pie pops on a stick, these five fabulous recipes bring all the wonder of homemade pie right into your modern everyday schedule!

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