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Chocolate Lava Skookie How-To

Chocolate Lava Skookie
Everyone loves a hot, gooey, chocolate chip skillet cookie. This version is even better thanks to a surprise layer of fudge. MORE+ LESS-
By Carrian Cheney

Is there anything better in all the world than having absolutely nowhere to go, loved ones with you and a good movie? Why yes, at our house there is. Add our famous over-the-top skookie to your night in and trust me, it’s the ultimate way to kick back, veg out and enjoy the evening.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, two mini cast iron pans

It all starts out with these awesome little skookie pans that we found. You can get them online here or in bed and bath stores (a regular cast iron skillet will work too). When I got them home I couldn’t help but keep thinking about the Million Dollar Cookies that I posted about on my site: browned butter cookies stuffed with chocolate and dulce de leche. But they would be tricky to make into a skookie as I’d have to make the dough, blah blah blah.

Fudge frosting in a pan

So, I had (which is pretty much always the case) a little Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in the fridge so I whipped that out and spread a little fudge topping into the skookie pan and topped it with the dough. 

I baked off the skookie and much to my delight (I worried about the fudge boiling or leaking out) it turned out perfect. We piled on the ice cream, caramel sauce and more fudge and the whole family dug in. I’m a little embarrassed to mention that within minutes the whole thing had disappeared, but we had such a great time as a family it was worth every calorie.

Chocolate Lava Skookie