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Boozy Apple Shortcakes How-To

Boozy Apple Shortcakes
Shortcakes aren't just for summer. This apple version, pumped up with a bit of brandy, is an adult treat perfect for fall. MORE+ LESS-
By Angie McGowan

Shortcakes aren’t just for filling with beautiful summer berries. You can also make delicious fall shortcake desserts, like this apple shortcake. I used Pillsbury’s® honey butter biscuits for this recipe. They are not too sweet but are full of buttery goodness. I spiked my apples with some applejack brandy, but you could also use spiced rum or bourbon.

To get this recipe started, bake the biscuits according to package directions. Sautée a few apples in butter for about 15 minutes over low heat so they caramelize slowly and get tender. This makes them so delicious.

Cooking apple slices

fter the apples are caramelized, add brown sugar and applejack brandy. The brandy adds a wonderful layer of flavor and most of the alcohol cooks off.

To serve, spoon the boozy apples over the biscuits and top with freshly whipped cream.