Awesome Hot Cocoa

By Brita Nelson
Created December 8, 2016
Awesome Hot Cocoa
Up the hot cocoa ante with these cozy bevs and decadent dishes. MORE+ LESS-

As a kid, I was a challenge. I refused, absolutely refused, to drink milk. The threat of weak bones as I grew older didn’t sway me (though nowadays I’m reconsidering). I’d eat Brussels sprouts until the cows came home, but I wouldn’t drink milk.

But then one chilly winter there was a little magic in the air. It was warm, chocolaty and filled with milk. Maybe it was the whipped cream or the candy cane sprinkles, or maybe my heart had been just a few sizes too small. Whatever it was, I was hooked. Not on milk exactly, but on hot chocolate.

Give me a chilly night these days, and I’m making a pot o’ cocoa. I say bring on the snow because it means whipped cream, holiday mugs and, occasionally, my favorite boozy hot chocolate. Hey, I have to get my calcium.

Either way, resolutions don’t start until 2014. So it’s necessary to live it up now. This amazing S’mores Hot Chocolate from Minimalist Baker feels like the perfect way to upgrade the usual cocoa to something majorly fab.

And while we’re brewing up bevs, why not make something to eat? The same flavors I love in the mug turn into a seasonal meal in the blink of an eye. This Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate Oatmeal, straight out of our Holiday Lookbook, is the perfect gateway dish. After one bite, you’ll be searching for more hot chocolate flavored dishes. You might also want to try these Mexican Hot Chocolate Doughnuts, this hot chocolate French toast or these hot cocoa squares.

You’ll be just as hooked as I am on those rich cocoa flavors. And if I’m building bone strength along the way? So be it. My bones will thank me later; my taste buds are grateful now.

How do you indulge in hot chocolate and holiday treats? Let me know in the comments section below!