Jam-Stuffed Biscuits

jam-stuffed biscuits Side Dish
Jam-Stuffed Biscuits
  • Prep 15 min
  • Total 30 min
  • Ingredients 4
  • Servings 8

Biscuits make better-than-the-bakery pastries. These ones taste like filled doughnuts!

Updated October 4, 2016
Pillsbury Biscuits
Make with
Pillsbury Biscuits


  • 1
    can (16.3 oz) can Pillsbury™ Grands!™ Flaky Layers refrigerated Original biscuits
  • 1/2
    cup raspberry jam or preserves
  • 1/2
    cup butter, melted
  • 1/2
    cup sugar


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  • 1
    Heat oven to 400°F. Spray large cookie sheet with cooking spray.
  • 2
    Separate dough into 8 biscuits. Gently separate each biscuit halfway into 2 layers. Spoon 1 tablespoon raspberry jam into center of each biscuit. Pinch edges to seal.
  • 3
    Dip each biscuit into melted butter; dip each in sugar. Place on cookie sheet.
  • 4
    Bake 14 to 16 minutes or until golden brown around edges.

  • Jam Swap! Fill your biscuits with any flavor of your favorite jam or preserves!
  • A pinch of cinnamon added to the sugar lends just a bit of spice to this recipe!

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