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Heart Your Heart

Three ideas for a stronger heart, and they’re not what you think.

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Kate Rogers
It’s not easy to take care of your heart. I shudder to think what a heart-health-o-meter might reveal about mine. Too much salt, too much coffee, light on leafy greens and a horrible habit of anxiety-ridden thinking. And yet, I identify as a healthy young-ish person. I just find myself making more “get by” decisions than “get better” ones.

Thankfully I’m in the mood for change. I’ll stop short of a total overhaul, but I’m up for a few tweaks to the daily routine. Baby steps to success. In honor of American Heart Month, here are three things I’ll be doing to show a little more heart to my heart.


More Cheerios

I’m a notorious pastry-for-breakfast person. Honestly, it’s been getting out of hand for some time. Now I’ll start reaching for cereals that are packed with whole grains, which can help lower cholesterol and keep heart disease at bay. My favorite way to eat them? With berries and a splash of cream. Pure and simple.


Ditch Diet Soda

I’m also a prolific caffeine consumer. I guess I’m unwilling to totally attack this one right now, but I’ll make a concession. I won’t budge on coffee, but I can drink less diet soda. The fizzy chemical compound never leaves me quite as satisfied as I want it to, so why bother? Sayonara, soda. It’s been fun.


Wholehearted Living

It may not be medical, but I’m pretty sure that tending to your soul can only mean good things for your heart. I’m totally inspired by research professor Brené Brown’s idea of wholehearted living. She says wholehearted living comes from embracing vulnerability and letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle. Just chew on that for a second. It’s a big nut to crack, but I’d like to try.

What do you do to love your heart?

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