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The 50 Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes by State

Created October 2, 2023
The 50 Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes by State
We’ve gathered the most popular Thanksgiving recipes across the country and found some inspiring results! 

From green bean casserole to pumpkin pie, we all have those Thanksgiving foods that make the meal extra special—it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them. This got us thinking, how do those signature dishes vary from family to family, or even bigger, from state to state? Do mashed potatoes come out on top in Idaho? Does Wyoming love its turkey and gravy? 

To get the answers, we looked at the top searched Thanksgiving recipes on our site, state by state — and the results may surprise you! We broke them into five main categories: appetizers, side dishes, sweet treats, main dishes and breakfast. Take a look at our key takeaways and favorite recipes. How do your family’s trademark dishes compare? Who knows—maybe you’ll be inspired to start a new tradition this year. 

Colored map of the US

Our Takeaways & Favorite Recipes


People love their Pillsbury™ Crescent Rolls! And it’s no wonder—the refrigerated dough makes any recipe delicious and easy. Our favorite? Crescent Turkey Shaped Veggie Platter. Try swapping one of your go-to apps for this one!

Side Dishes

From Pumpkin Butternut Squash Soup to Sweet Potato Casserole Crescents, we were delighted to see that many of the top side dishes go beyond mashed potatoes and gravy. If you’re ready to try something different this year, cook up one or both of those sides!

Sweet Treats

One thing's for sure—our country has a major sweet tooth! Across a whopping 20 states, recipes for sweet treats ranked number one. We pulled out some of the best from the results. Would you put a twist on your pumpkin pie or give another unique dessert a try? 

Turkey Dishes

Something that surprised us? Barely two states like their turkey cooked the same way. From stuffed to orange-spice roasted, there are so many fun recipes out there. (Thanksgiving table for two, anyone?) Shake up your spread and explore our personal favorite: Beer and Rosemary Roasted Turkey.


Though overshadowed by the main meal, Thanksgiving breakfast is definitely still a thing in several states and cinnamon rolls are trending. Try this well-loved Pumpkin Cheesecake Cinnamon Roll Cups recipe and you’re sure to get lots of thanks!