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New Pillsbury Products Mean New Family Traditions

Created August 26, 2021
PB_New Product_HERO
Make meal moments easy with these new Pillsbury products! Whether you're planning a quick breakfast, delicious dinner, family pizza night, after-school snacks, or sharable treats for a movie marathon, we've got you covered with these fun treats, fast snacks, and simple sides! Our kitchens have been busy developing new products that help you make the most of mealtime... and they're finally here!

Make Breakfast a Breeze

Simplify your breakfast prep, spend less time in the kitchen and enjoy more time with the family!

PB_New Product_Mini Cinni-Stix

Our ready-to-bake Mini Cinni Stix deliver homemade taste and are brunch-ready in minutes! Bake to perfection, then drizzle with icing and serve for a lightning-quick family breakfast. They're also the perfect dessert for family pizza night!

PB_New Product_Monkey Bread Pull-Apart

Enjoy everything you love about monkey bread without all the fuss. With our Monkey Bread Pull-Apart Kit, simply combine the pre-cut dough, pre-made sauce, and melted butter in a pan and bake. Voila!

A Side Dish That's Ready in a Snap

PB_New Product_Garlic Bread Pull-Apart

Garlic bread is a classic side, and now it's easier than ever to prep! Our Garlic Bread Pull-Apart Kit includes everything you need to whip up this family-favorite side in a flash. Pair it with a delicious Italian dish, like our One-Pot Creamy Spaghetti.

Quick-Prep Your Family Pizza Night

PB_New Product_Mini Pizza Crust

Our Mini Pizza Crusts are a versatile, quick-prep dish you can use for easy apps or quick dinners. Throw together a flatbread appetizer or have the kids make personal pizzas with their favorite toppings! Serve up Mini Pizza Crusts and Mini Cinni Stix are a dynamic duo for dinner and dessert!

Something Sweet for Any Occasion

Treat your friends and family to a new kind of dessert.

PB_New Product_Choc Chip Poppins

Our new Cookie Dough Poppins are about to change your snacking game! These ready-to-eat cookie dough bites come in Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake flavors so you can satisfy your sweet tooth anytime, anywhere. No-spoon needed! Plus the resealable pouch lets you snack and store, so they're fresh and in the fridge ready for next time.

Create new traditions with your family when you shop Pillsbury's newest products. Get them now at your local grocery store!