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The Doughboy's Favorite Black Friday Tradition: Bake Friday

Created November 6, 2019
Baking cookies with the Pillsbury Doughboy
The only door the Doughboy wants to “bust” on Black Friday is the oven door—and who can blame him?
Getting up at dawn to shop might save you a few bucks, but the memories made baking with your family are priceless. Not to mention your odds of being trampled by a mob are somewhat lower (unless you happen to be holding a pan of warm snickerdoodles). So put away the credit cards, get out the bowls and spoons and ease into the Christmas season with a new family tradition: The Doughboy’s favorite way to spend Black Friday.

Everything You Need for a Fuss-Free Baking Day

Break out those holiday cookie cutters, red and green kitchen aprons and oh-so-sweet baking ingredients—we’re decking our counters with all of our favorite baking gear, and the house has never looked (and smelled) so cheerful. If you’ve ever attempted a holiday baking day in the past, you’ve probably experienced the hassle of last-minute trips to the store for missing ingredients (which you were POSITIVE you had hiding in your cupboard), or the frustration of your carefully crafted treats sticking to the pan. With a little preparation and a quick inventory check, you can avoid some of the unnecessary blunders of cookie-making—because if you wanted a headache, you’d be out facing the Black Friday crowds right now.

Get a Head Start
Get a Head Start
Chill your cookie dough before prepping the cookies to make them easier to work with. This is extra-helpful when you’re rolling the dough out to cut into shapes. If it starts to get sticky again, pop it back in a fridge for a few minutes.

The Fun Part: Baking!

Now that you have all of your favorite sprinkles, cookie cutters and baking tools at the ready, it’s time for the family to roll up their sleeves and get busy in the kitchen. From cookies to fudge, dessert bars and more, we have plenty of Doughboy-approved recipes and crafty inspiration to get you started! It’s a good idea to take a peek at all of the recipes’ instructions before you begin baking anything—that way you can decide the order of each treat you want to make. Some recipes call for time to allow dough to chill or rest, so you’ll want to take that into account when you plan out your day.

Decorating Your Tasty Creations

It’s finally time for the kids’ favorite part of holiday baking—making their own delicious masterpieces! We’re doing our best to prevent sprinkle explosions and frosting-coated ponytails with a few no-fuss decorating hacks. So let the imaginations run wild, because short attention spans and messy ingredients are no match for these simplified decorating tips.

Enjoy Your Treats All Season Long

Sure, some people walk away from Black Friday with a few inexpensive finds, but you’ll end Bake Friday with a whole kitchen full of delicious treasures (and happy memories)! We’ll share with you through the best way to store those tasty bites so you can enjoy them all season long.

Expert Freezing Tip
Expert Freezing Tip
Some frosted cookies can be kept frozen for a couple months, but we recommend freezing your cookies unfrosted when possible to keep them fresh even longer.