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The Ultimate Snack Pack Planner

Created June 10, 2021
Have hungry kids at home? Sometimes even the simplest snacks aren't fast enough for little ones running on empty tummies. To help you save time and offset any tantrums from the kiddos, we've put together some ideas for make-ahead snack packs.

How to Plan Snacks for Kids

Organization is the key to a kids' snack guide. We suggest choosing some sort of a storage container, like a basket or an acrylic bin, that can easily hold several snack options. Whether you're storing snack packs in the pantry, fridge, or in a cooler, it will be most efficient if your kids can easily find what they're looking for.

If your little ones have different food preferences or dietary restrictions, give each kiddo their own basket with a name label. Personal baskets are also an easy way to reduce snack squabbles.

Pantry Snack Planner


There's plenty of pantry items you can use to create your snack planner. Chips, veggie sticks, crackers, and dried fruit are all great options. You could also make breakfast-inspired snack packs with cereal, granola bars, and made-ahead muffins. Add in a beverage so the kids have something to sip on while they're snacking.

Fridge-Friendly Snack Planner


Give the kids a variety of options and create snack planners not just for the pantry, but for the fridge, too. Similar to the pantry, you can organize your packs with containers that either fit on a shelf or you can store them in one of the drawers.

You'll want to assemble cold snacks the kids can open or create themselves. Think pre-cut veggies, cheese sticks, yogurt, quick-grab fruit, like clementines, slices of deli meat, squeeze fruit pouches or pre-peeled hard-boiled eggs.

Road Trip Cooler


If you're planning a road trip, a kids' snack planner is an absolute must. These can be packed in a cooler and easily distributed when hunger strikes on the open road. Consider packing these picnic-like lunches, like low-mess veggies and fruit, like grapes and baby carrots, made-ahead crescent rolls, cheese slices or sticks, crackers, nuts, and sweet treats, like mini chocolates or cookies.

Catering to hungry kids doesn't have to be a chore. With a little prep work, you can encourage your little ones to find parent-approved snacks in the fridge or pantry, or enjoy exciting nibbles on the road.