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5 Reasons the Slow Cooker is (Still!) Our Ultimate Kitchen Hero

Updated December 10, 2019
This tried-and-true countertop appliance has always had—and will always have—a special place in our hearts (and our bellies).
In a world where countertop appliances are all the rage, the slow cooker still stands out among the pack as a true workhorse for mealtime. Here are five (of many!) reasons we still call on the trusty slow cooker to save us when dinner is giving us grief.

1. It frees up oven space.

Slow-Cooker Alfredo Green Bean Casserole

Is your oven already on duty to make the main dish? Use your slow cooker to cook up a side dish or keep it warm while you make the rest of the meal.

2. You can use it to meal prep.

Slow-Cooker Taco Ground Beef

Slow cookers are great for making big batches of meats, soups, beans, etc. Use yours to make a meal-starter (such as taco meat or meatballs) or to whip up an easy soup recipe to eat for lunch throughout the week.

3. It can make dessert!

Slow-Cooker Rice Pudding

Sweet tooths can use the slow cooker to make all types of tasty treats, from lava cakes to rice pudding.

4. It makes dinner a cinch.

Easy Slow-Cooker Fire Roasted Pot Roast

You can throw everything in the pot in the morning and come dinnertime, just lift the lid and dinner is served. And for picky eaters, many slow cooker recipes can be adapted to tastes or served with different ingredients (such as pasta vs. potatoes) for a quick and easy swap. Bonus: If you use a slow cooker liner, cleanup is a total breeze, too!

5. It’s budget-friendly.

Slow-Cooker 3-Ingredient Italian Chicken

When you rely on the low-and-slow method of cooking, you can make less expensive meats taste better than they would cooked any other way. And you often don’t need as many ingredients to render good flavor, since everything simmers together as it cooks all day long. You can also make a lot of food in one batch of slow-cooking—great for making the most out of leftovers throughout the week.