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Our Family’s Top 3 Ways to Eat a BLT How-To

Classic Triple Decker BLT
The only thing better than a BLT is coming up with new ways to eat them. Here's how blogger Carrian Cheney's family likes 'em best - the classic sandwich, appetizer bites and a killer pizza. MORE+ LESS-
By Carrian Cheney

I’ll never forget the first BLT I had. I was sitting in a restaurant with a date and he decided to order for me. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was a picky little thing, but I knew my manners and didn’t say anything. A BLT? How lame! At least throw some crispy chicken on there! I was convinced I was going to be disappointed.

When our order arrived, a triple decker BLT showed up. Oh, good mercy. At least I knew there was an extra slice of bread so I wouldn’t be starving. As I listened to this boy drone on about how great he was, I cautiously took a bite. Suddenly the heavens opened, angels began singing and I’m pretty sure that I lifted up out of my chair by some unseen force. My life was changed forever.

Years later I’m still amazed by the power of the classic triple decker BLT. I’ve since recreated it for my family, but why stop there?

triple decker BLT on a white plate and napkin

When I want to go a little lighter, I turn to these BLT bites. I use turkey bacon and a hunk of leftover French bread to make homemade breadcrumbs. Breading the bacon is a fun twist that the kids love, plus they will have so much fun eating “fairy”- or “mini”-sized BLTs.

Skinny BLT Bites on a white plate

Then, whenever I’ve cooked up a little extra bacon for later in the week (making bacon ahead of time can be a great time-saver), or if I have extra lettuce and tomatoes around, I like to make our ultimate BLT pizza.

Honey Balsamic BLT Pizza

The crust is easy since it’s already made, but you’ll want to throw on a little olive oil before the cheese so it doesn’t taste dry. There’s also a special honey balsamic sauce that will have everyone asking what makes your pizza so delicious.