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What's for Dinner?

a weekly menu planner board
Answering that age-old question is a snap with these DIY meal planners. MORE+ LESS-

We've got the recipe for a quick dinner: Get organized. One of these four menu-planning ideas is sure to fit your needs, whether that's a place to quickly track meal ideas or an all-in-one dinner planning station.

a weekly menu planner board

Get Crafty

How much would you pay to reliably answer the question, “What’s for dinner?” How does $5 sound? Nat at My Sister’s Suitcase tracks a week of meals using a planner made from an old photo frame, scrapbook paper and a dry erase marker. It’s really that easy. See How-To

a menu planner with large blocks of space for each day of the week

Jot It Down

This whimsical, printable planner keeps track of meal ideas, with space for needed groceries and even foods to use before the expiration date. (Like that bulk shredded cheddar!) Alma at says it helps her family stick to a food budget. Print Yours

a menu planner board using scrabble tiles with magnets on the back. each magnet holds a piece of paper with a menu written on it for that day.

Spell It Out

Alphabet magnets make it easy to keep track of meal ideas; all you need is a letter for each day of the week. Use store-bought magnets right on the fridge, or find out how Alice at Atypical Type A made her own using extra board game tiles. See How-To

a framed weekly menu planner with seven clothespins on the left side which each hold meal cards for the day. on the right are two pockets that hold meal cards already used and meal cards yet to be used.

Frame Up Dinner

This hard-working picture frame does it all: plans meals, helps with a shopping list and even thinks to keep the rotation fresh! Clair at CG Dickson lists weeknight dinners on one side of laminated cards and needed ingredients on the other. Recently used recipes get rotated to the bottom so no one is bored with dinner. See How-To