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Taco Night Pick: 20-Minute Chicken Puffy Tacos

Chicken Puffy Tacos
DIY your fry bread taco shells for a quick dinner upgrade that’ll have everyone asking for seconds. MORE+ LESS-

Our taco nights have never been more popular with my kids (and husband) since I created these puffy taco shells. If you’ve ever had fair food, you might be familiar with the Navajo Taco, or Indian Fry Bread. It’s basically dough that’s been deep fried and topped with all sorts of deliciousness. Pillsbury biscuits make it incredibly quick and easy to up your taco night game.

Chicken Puffy Tacos

To start, flatten out your biscuits to a super-thin circle, and then fry the dough for just a minute or two per side, until it becomes a golden brown and puffs up.

Flattened round of biscuit dough

Steam some corn according to the package directions and then toss with some chicken, black beans and a little cumin. Feel free to add other spices or seasonings here if you desire! And just like that, your filling is ready to go!

Fold up the puffy taco shells, fill them with the delicious chicken and corn mixture and watch them disappear!