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5 No-Brainer Weeknight Dinners You Can Buy Right Now

Created October 10, 2019
The easiest-ever solution for a week’s worth of family dinners: A shoppable line-up of soups & sandwiches that can be delivered to you with just one click!

Dinner Idea #1: Broccoli-Cheese Soup + Sheet-Pan Grilled Cheese

Progresso -  Broccoli Cheese with Bacon; Sheet-Pan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Is there a more perfect dinner pairing than grilled cheese and soup? We think not. For this sheet-pan take on soup’s favorite sandwich, crescent dough is brushed with seasoned butter and stuffed with gooey cheese. It’s great for serving as a main meal or cut into smaller portions for appetizers. This flavorful dish will not disappoint—especially when you serve it with bowls of creamy broccoli cheese soup with bacon.
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Dinner Idea #2: Ham and Cheese Sandwiches & Loaded Potato Soup

Progresso - Loaded Potato with Bacon; Ham and Cheese Crescent Sandwiches

Warm up a chilly day with sandwiches fresh from the oven! We absolutely love these three-ingredient sandwiches, but don’t just take our word for it. Pillsbury user Birdmomm2 says, “My family loved these! I got home from work around 5:20pm and we were eating by 5:50pm!” Together with crowd-pleasing loaded potato soup with bacon, it’s an unbeatable dinner combo you don’t have to think about.
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Dinner Idea #3: Cheesy Meatball Biscuit Bombs & Lasagna Soup with Italian Sausage

Progresso - Lasagna-Style with Italian Sausage; Muffin-Tin Cheesy Meatball Biscuit Bombs

If you’re a fan of Italian meatball subs, you’re going to love these fun, kid-friendly biscuit bombs. Our flaky biscuit dough is stuffed with meatballs and cheese, topped with crunchy Italian bread crumbs and baked in a (mess-free) muffin tin—genius! Have one and call it an app, or grab a few and make it a meal. (But whatever you do, serve them alongside a bowl of hearty lasagna-style soup.)
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Dinner Idea #4: Cheesy Bacon-Caesar Paninis & Three-Cheese Tortellini Soup

Progresso - Three Cheese Tortellini; Bacon, Caesar and Mozzarella Panini

An ordinary BLT won't stand a chance once you've tried this Italian-inspired version with Caesar dressing, pesto and melty mozzarella on a freshly baked panini crust. Naturally, we like to pair this upgraded sandwich with an upgraded side—like a bowl of luxuriously creamy soup loaded with three cheese tortellini and spinach.
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Dinner Idea #5: Hearty Beef Pot Roast Soup & Bacon-Ranch Cheesy Bread

Progresso - Beef Pot Roast with Country Vegetables; Bacon-Ranch Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread

When you start with a pot roast-and-veggie soup this hearty and satisfying, all you need to make a complete dinner is the perfect cheesy side bread—which, of course, we went ahead and found for you. Make a pan of this cheesy, bacon-flecked ranch pull-apart bread with just five ingredients and 15 minutes’ prep. One Pillsbury reviewer says, “My son and I made this recipe last night and it was AMAZING! It is so easy to fix and a perfect side to any meal.”
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