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3-Ingredient Cornbread Biscuit Bowls

Progresso chili, shredded cheddar cheese, grands biscuits - corn
Premium Progresso Chili plus quick-to-make bread bowls adds up to a delicious weeknight dinner.
By Gerry Speirs

When a recipe only has three ingredients, you might wonder what it’s going to be like. But these Cornbread Biscuit Bowls are perfect for a fast dinner or lunch.

Progresso chili, shredded cheddar cheese, grands biscuits - corn

The bowls are easily made by using an upside-down muffin pan and some Pillsbury Corn Biscuits. This is a perfect recipe to get the kids involved too, they can help with shaping the biscuits into bowls and even finish them off by scooping in the premium Progresso Pork and Beef Chili with Beans. It’s that easy!

Cornbread Biscuit Bowls for Chili

Open the chili and transfer it to a small pot. Heat over a low heat, stirring. Meanwhile, roll each corn biscuit out to a circle about four inches wide. Lay each biscuit on top of each muffin shape and gently press against the shape.

Corn biscuits pressed over the bottom of a cupcake tin

Fill each corn biscuit bowl with the warm chili and top with some shredded cheese.