Sweeten Spring with Lemon

By Brita Nelson
Created December 8, 2016
Lemonade Pie Cookies
With spring around the corner, we’re squeezing citrus into every dessert we can. MORE+ LESS-

We’ve finally had a few days of spring-like weather here in Minnesota. And I’m more than ready, not just for the weather but for the great flavors. Spring’s the season of one of my absolute favorites, lemon. I’ll be making dishes with the yellow citrus all weekend in honor of the warm(er) front, all while drinking a tall glass of fresh-squeezed (or at least freshly mixed) lemonade. 

Join me this weekend for a little fresh indulgence.



Lemonade Pie Cookies

When life gives you lemons, make these Lemonade Pie Cookies. Pie crust filled with lemon curd and cut into bite-size cookies is great paired with a glass of its namesake. Looking for something to serve at your first outdoor party of the season? This cookie is it. Life (and your friends) will thank you.



Whole Lemon Pie

This recipe calls for the entire lemon. That’s right, even the peel! To all my citrus super-fans out there, this recipe is a flavor loyalty-tester. Pillsbury blogger Amy Erickson’s Whole Lemon Pie is super-delicious and super-tart. It might even make you pucker up at the first bite. Soak the sliced fruit in sugar and brush more on the crust to sweeten the deal. If you can’t handle all that zing, try this Lemon Crumb Tart, it’s quick to prep and only uses four ingredients.



Lemon Zester

Grab a triple-duty tool that zests, grates and makes lovely spiral garnishes. When you’re done giving your plates a pop of citrus, put the Lemon Zester into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. If you buy it now, you’ll be able to make these spring treats faster and start munching on them sooner. That’s some lemon logic. 

What is your favorite lemon-flavored dish?