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Lucky Charms Cookies How-To

Lucky Charms Cookies
Get the kids in the kitchen to help make some fun cookies for St. Patrick’s Day. MORE+ LESS-
By Dorothy Kern

My daughter loves to help me in the kitchen ... on her terms. We have to make something easy and she has to be able to do it all herself. That’s where these Lucky Charms Cookies come in. They’re perfect for kids. 

When she saw the box of Lucky Charms in the grocery bag, she was super excited. It’s her favorite cereal, but I only buy it occasionally (I’m addicted to it too!). She was ready to pounce on it with a bowl and a spoon but I made a deal with her: Help me make cookies and you can eat the cereal for breakfast. Suddenly, she was very excited to get in the kitchen. 

These cookies are not only fun, they’re very easy to make. They start with Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough. The sugar cookie dough is my favorite; it reminds me of the cookies my Nana made me as a child. 

Simply cut the dough into ½-inch slices. Cut the slices in half. Now it’s your little helper’s turn to do all the work! Have him or her roll each half slice into a ball and set them on a cookie sheet.

Balls of cookie dough on a cookie sheet

Bake cookies until they just turn golden on the bottoms. We like our cookies soft, but if you like them crunchy you can bake them a little longer. Let them cool. 

While you’re waiting, have the kids sort the cereal. You aren’t going to use the cereal part, just the marshmallows.

plate of lucky charms cereal

This is a good time for a teaching moment too. You can have them sort the marshmallows according to shape or color.

Bowl of colorful marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal

As hard as it is, try not to eat them yet! 

Once the cookies are cool, tint some vanilla frosting (homemade or canned) a light green. Have the kids top each cookie with 4-5 of the marshmallows. Then they can enjoy their hard work!

Lucky Charms Cookie

And maybe they can sneak a leftover marshmallow or two. If you don’t get to them first!

Lucky Charms Cookies