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Delightful Donut Recipes

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Discover dozens upon dozens of donut recipes that will delight your family! Whether you’re an all-star baker or you’re baking with kids, you’ll find homemade donuts for all skill levels here.

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Homemade Donuts Made Easy 

There’s nothing better than biting into a freshly deep-fried, baked or air-fried donut—or seeing your family’s smiles when you put a plate of freshly baked donuts on the table.  

That’s why homemade donuts will always be more satisfying than store-bought. (And store-bought donuts are already pretty satisfying!)

Making donuts at home is surprisingly easy with our step-by-step guides, tips and shortcuts. From donut holes to DIY gourmet donuts, there’s something for everyone here. You’re gonna love it!

Donut Recipes for Everyone

No matter your skill level or flavor preferences, we’ve got a variety of recipes that you and your family can enjoy at home. There are so many donut recipes to choose from. 

  • Classic Glazed Donuts: Make simple yet scrumptious donuts with a basic glaze. They’re guaranteed to please everyone!
  • Donut Holes: Serve up these one-bite delights for kids’ parties—or for a sweet little something at family brunch. 
  • Filled Donuts: Take your donuts up a notch by adding a filling, like sweet vanilla cream or your favorite jams and jellies. 
  • Fancy(ish!) Donuts: Treat your family to some DIY donut decadence with creative flavors like German chocolate, salted caramel and more.

Homemade Donut Tips & Tricks

Still feeling a little unsure about making them yourself? Check out these quick tips for homemade donuts!

Tip #1: Don’t fear the fryer! 

We get it: Deep frying in oil can be intimidating. But all you need is a large saucepan or Dutch oven, a kitchen thermometer and paper towels. No big deal! 

Tip #2: Baked donuts are just as delicious.

Don’t feel like fussing with hot oil? Pop your donuts into the oven instead. If you’re using a batter-based donut recipe, you’ll just need a donut baking pan. 

Tip #3: Use your air fryer. 

Making donuts in the air fryer gives you a perfect treat in minutes. Plus, this hack is one of the easiest ways to bake donuts with kids.

Tip #4: Don’t shy away from shortcuts!

Pillsbury™ Crescents or Pillsbury™ Biscuits can be a great starting point for your donuts. Many of our recipes use them to save time—without sacrificing the light, fluffy texture and rich flavor that makes homemade donuts so special.

How to Find the Perfect Donut Recipe

We’ve made it easy to find a donut recipe that’s a hole in one! On this page you can …

  • Select one of the categories above to narrow down donut recipes by type, occasion or baking method.
  • See the top five most popular donut recipes right now—or check out our guides to making homemade donuts without any fuss.  
  • Browse all of our easy donut recipes below to discover something new, unexpected and completely delicious!

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