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Your Staycation Guide

Created May 10, 2023
PB Staycation Hero
A stay-at-home vacation is easy with a little help from the Doughboy. Plan your delicious and activity-filled staycation with these simple suggestions.

Set the Vibe

Imagine your dream destination and recreate that vacation-like atmosphere at home with plants, music and a little décor. You could even go as far as creating the itinerary you would have on a regular vacation to add structure to your days.

Try a New Recipe

A staycation is an excellent time to experiment with flavor. So, dust off an old favorite or try something new to take your tastebuds on their own trip. Try inviting your kids into the kitchen to help you prepare a few meals. Better yet, host a cook-off and vote on the best dish. Here are a few recipes worthy of your staycation:

Movie Night

Get the family together for a night of fun on the couch. Choose a theme or genre and start a movie marathon with tasty snacks. Check out our movie night article for tips and recipes for more memorable moments together.

Creative Stations

Challenge your little artists to a creative expo by setting up an art station with activities such as drawing, painting or crafting. If the weather is nice, take to the outdoors with DIY projects like making a terrarium, birdhouse or scavenging for pieces of nature to incorporate into their art projects.

Game Night

Plan for some friendly competition with your favorite board or card games. Check out our article on how to host a family game night for more inspiration.

Virtual Tours

Mix education and culture into your staycation with a virtual trip to a museum, zoo or national park. Visit the websites of these popular attractions to see if they offer virtual experiences before sitting down as a family. It’s an excellent way to keep kids engaged without taking away their devices.

With a little creativity and planning, you can make any vacation at home feel special. Just remember to take lots of pictures and enjoy the time spent together as a family. Tag us in your staycation fun @Pillsbury.