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How to Plan a Family Game Night

Created May 26, 2021
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If you're looking for ways to entertain your family during the week, try planning a family game night. Good food, lots of fun, and a little competition will shake up your weekly routine and give everyone a chance to connect. Not sure how to plan a game night? We've rounded up these tips and tricks to make the planning process easy.

Involve the Kids Every Step of the Way

When planning a family event, it's best to include your family in the plans! Have the kids help create your game night menu and select some recipes that they can make themselves. Ask for the kids' thoughts on other details, like what type of games to play, decorations, and fun drinks to include.

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Set the Menu

There's plenty of options when it comes to choosing family game night food. From delicious snacks to easy appetizers and crowd-pleasing desserts, you can quickly make something for everyone around your game table. Pepperoni Pizza Rolls are a handheld snack option that are always a hit and they're ready to serve in 30 minutes thanks to Pillsbury™ Crescent Rolls. No matter what you feel like making, there are endless options for family game night recipes.

Plan It so Everyone Can Attend

When choosing the day and time of your game night, make sure everyone is available and can step away from their to-do lists. Aim for a day when calendars are clear and there aren't any looming projects or papers to distract. We recommend something towards the end of the workweek but select a day that's best for you.

Pick the Right Game

The internet will try and tell you the best games for game night, but what's most important is choosing the right game for your family. Consider the ages and attention spans of your kids to make sure you don't select something too challenging. If your kids range in age, choose multiple games you can play throughout the night. You can play the easiest games first, then move on to more challenging options once the very little kids are in bed.

Focus on Fun

Games can bring out your family's competitive spirit, so try to keep the focus on the fun to avoid any conflicts. It's also important to remember that a new game can be difficult for little ones to learn, so be sure to give them extra help, or play as teams instead of individuals.

Once you've planned your first family game night, make a habit of it with a regular party day each month. You've already come up with game night ideas, so carry on the tradition and continue making unforgettable memories as a family.