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How to Build a Char-Boo-Terie Board

Created October 4, 2022
You don’t have to go to a haunted house to get in the spooky mood. Celebrate the season with friends and family at home with a treat filled Char-Boo-Terie Board. Complete your spread with cookies, crackers, chips, chocolate and sweet treats for a themed board that will get everyone in the spooky spirit.

Where to Begin

Start with a large platter, the spookier the better. As you assemble your family’s favorite Halloween and fall snacks, think of your spread as a work of art. Try pairing and organizing different colors together to create designs or layouts to wow your guests.

Best Char-Boo-Terie Foods

There are endless food options to complement your snack spread. Take your guests into consideration and use the treats you know they’ll love. Pillsbury™Shape™Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Dough and Pillsbury™Shape™Ghost Sugar Cookie Dough, are easy to make and prep, making them a great place to start. Pair these with pretzels, chocolate, candies, and other seasonal treats that vary in flavor and texture.

Share Your Spooky Creation

Serve to your guests by encouraging them to mix and match to discover new delicious flavor combinations.

We want to see what you create. Share your Char-Boo-Terie designs with us on social.


If you’re celebrating with your kids, invite them to help you create the layout. Collect their input on what should go where and why. After all, no one does Halloween better than our kids.