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Host a Game-Day Pretzel Bar

Created December 8, 2016
Pretzel Bar
Bring sports and snack fans together with a tasty pretzel party.

People love two things in life: major sporting events and dipping stuff in sauce. We say double down by hosting game day with a pretzel party bar. It’s an easy way to bring your friends and family together for good, old-fashioned sports-viewing. Here’s how to do it. 

  1. Set the Scene 
    Hit up a local party supply shop to find a few inexpensive décor items such as a reusable, spill-proof tablecloth, football-themed serving cups and napkins and some confetti, just for fun. 
  2. What to Drink
    Game-day pretzels and dippers taste great with an assortment of sodas, craft beers, sparkling waters or anything you can think of. 
  3. What to Serve     
    Freshly baked pretzels are easy to make at home with Pillsbury Classic Pizza Crust. Guests will love a variety of sweet and savory pretzels and dips.