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The Doughboy’s Favorite Party of the Season: Ugly Sweater Family Party

Created November 5, 2019
The Pillsbury Doughboy wearing a Christmas Sweater
It's time to celebrate sweater weather—ugly sweater weather, that is!—with the Doughboy’s favorite party of the season.

When you’ve been rocking the same chef’s hat and neckerchief for half a century, any excuse to mix up the wardrobe is welcome. Even better is when the party’s recipe calls for equal parts family and laughter. That’s why the Doughboy loves Ugly Sweater parties. Good people don’t take themselves (or their sweaters) too seriously.

So break out the ugly sweaters—Pillsbury’s, or some you’ve made at home—and work that fashion runway from the treat table to the couch!

Party Food: The Cheesier, the Better!

Just like the sweaters themselves, when it comes to the food at an ugly sweater party, the motto is “the cheesier, the better!” Allow us to share some of our favorite cheesier-than-cheesy recipe picks:

Party Activities: Go Super On-Theme

When it comes to family activities for your ugly sweater party, it doesn’t get more on-theme than these adorable Ugly Christmas Sweater Sugar Cookies! Decorate cookies to match your family’s sweaters, and take a picture of each person holding their lookalike cookie to commemorate the occasion.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Sugar Cookies

Bake cookies in advance so they have time to cool completely, and set up a decorating station for the party with assorted cookie icings (we like the kind in pouches), sprinkles, candies and more.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Sugar Cookies

Tip: For the easiest cleanup ever, decorate cookies over rimmed baking sheets to catch drips and spills. Or tape down parchment paper to cover your decorating surface—when you’re done, you can just crumple the parchment and toss it away.

Our Favorite Christmas Sweater Cookie Cutter
Our Favorite Christmas Sweater Cookie Cutter
Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Ugly Sweater Cookie Cutter, 4.25"

Party Music: Best Tunes to Stream

Doughboy with headphones and an iphone with Pandora

There’s nothing better than listening to great Christmas music while you decorate Ugly Sweater Sugar Cookies and party the night away with family. The Doughboy’s personal favorite station? Country Christmas! Stream it free at Pandora now.

Why is finding the best selection of Christmas music so important? Because this time of year, the music you listen to becomes about more than just the songs themselves. Years from now when you hear those same songs, you’ll instantly be transported to all the happy memories you made while listening. (“Remember the awesome ugly sweater party we had in 2019?”)

Party Attire: Outrageous, But in a Good Way

This is no time to hold back! It’s time to don the most over-the-top, delightfully ugly-cute sweaters you can find. Pro tip: If you find yourself wondering, “Is this too much?” then you’re on the right track!