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The Doughboy's Guide to Camping Meals ​

Created June 5, 2023
Are you planning a camping trip and cookout this summer? Make the most of your meals and activities with this ultimate Doughboy-approved camping guide.

Gather ‘Round the Campfire

No campsite is complete without a campfire. The campfire is the heart of the campsite where everyone will gather for food, stories, warmth and memories. Once you get your fire blazing you can kick the evening off with a couple of classic games. Twenty questions, telephone, and the chubby bunny challenge are all great games for a laugh and quality time together.

Easy Camping Cuisine

In need of dinner recipes that the whole family will love? These easy recipes are family friendly and best made atop a campfire. The Doughboy is here to help your family get creative with your camping meals to make sure dinnertime is a moment that everyone enjoys wherever you are.

A Sweet Way to Wind Down

End the night on a sweet note. Whether you are spending the night camping in your backyard or exploring new campsites, everyone knows that the way to wind down starts with something sweet. An evening treat around the campfire is one of the most memorable moments anyone can have while camping.

Looking for more inspiration around the campfire? Head to our social media to check out our campfire stories and more classic campfire recipes.