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The Best BLT Sandwiches

Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato + Creativity = Unbelievably delicious. Get inspired with one of the best flavor combinations out there and create something unexpected today!

The Joys of BLTs

There’s something undeniably satisfying about the classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. The unbeatable combination of crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and juicy tomato creates an experience that’s both simple to achieve and incredibly delicious. As the months get warmer, it’s the perfect time to explore the world of BLT sandwiches and a few creative twists to elevate this classic to new heights.

BLT Recipes Perfect for Summertime

This range of BLT recipes is designed to make the most of summer months and help you keep cool while you enjoy the season. You’ll find lighter fare with lots of flavor, “ovens off” BLT recipes that help you keep cool and a few unexpected surprises that will challenge everything you thought you knew about the BLT. And it all starts with three simple ingredients.

Alone, each ingredient is already spectacular. But when they come together, something truly magical happens. The saltiness and the crunch of the bacon, the crisp freshness of the lettuce, the juicy tang of the tomato. And all you have to do is stack them on top of each other to get a mouthful of incredible flavor in every bite.

Think Outside the BLT Sandwich

The classic BLT sandwich recipe is as easy to make as it is to enjoy, but sandwiches aren’t the whole story. Rest assured, we have everything you need to be able to make a few classic BLT sandwich recipes like a pro. But you’ll also find some fun twists—tartlets, wraps, sliders, and salads–that’ll help you take your favorite summer classic to a whole new level.

Find the Best BLT Variation

This is where the story starts, after all. Bacon, lettuce, tomato on a sandwich. It’s been a staple everywhere from cozy diners to family kitchens to hip food trucks for decades. There are the purists who may claim that the best BLT sandwich is the simplest one, and there are the experimental chefs that will take any BLT recipe and make it their own. Is the best BLT a sandwich? A salad? A wrap? A pizza!? That’s for you and your guests to decide. Try all the options and see for yourself what you can create.