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Gratitude Cookies to Make Springtime Extra-Sweet

Created March 6, 2020
Easter Gratitude Cookies
Make these easy DIY cookies at home with your little ones to add an extra dose of thankfulness—and sweetness—to springtime (or anytime!).
When we first introduced our Gratitude Cookies as part of our favorite holiday traditions, we knew we couldn’t stop there—because why celebrate gratitude once when there is so much to be thankful for year-round? We’re spilling the beans (jelly beans, of course) on how you can make these meaningful cookies a part of your springtime occasions and beyond.

What Are Gratitude Cookies?

What are gratitude cookies, exactly? Great question! They’re sugar cookies topped with smooth royal icing that, once set, can be colored or drawn on with edible markers so kids and grownups alike can decorate them with messages or pictures of gratitude and thanks. They’re also incredibly easy to make: Simply bake up a batch of Pillsbury™ Ready to Bake!™ sugar cookies, top them with our favorite royal icing (or use packaged cookie icing for a quick shortcut) and decorate with colorful edible markers.

Gratitude Cookies

Gratitude cookies can be a fun family activity, where everyone gathers together at the kitchen table to write or draw what they’re most thankful for on each cookie. Not only is it a great opportunity to be together, every cookie will also spark a conversation. Best of all? Everyone gets to enjoy a sweet treat!

You can find our full (super-simple!) three-step process for making gratitude cookies in our handy how-to guide.

Easter Gratitude Cookies

Easter Gratitude Cookies

No matter what Easter means for you, it’s a perfect occasion to bring gratitude cookies to the table! Tip: For a fun Easter brunch activity, have pre-baked, pre-iced cookies set out on a tablecloth- or newspaper-covered table along with an assortment of edible ink pens so your family can enjoy decorating together (without leaving a mess behind).

Show your true colors.
Show your true colors.
Feel free to use a plain white royal icing to really make your writing stand out. Or, add a drop or two of gel food coloring to your icing to tint it to any shade you want! Choose pretty pastels for Easter, or Mom’s favorite colors for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gratitude Cookies

Mother's Day Gratitude Cookies

Let Mom sleep in on Mother’s Day and spend the morning baking and decorating gratitude cookies that show her just how much you care! Have Dad help bake and ice the cookies, then let the kids get creative with their own messages of kindness (and cuteness). Bonus: When you use Pillsbury™ Ready to Bake!™ sugar cookies, cleanup is a cinch.

Sweet as can be.
Sweet as can be.
Keep it easy with Pillsbury™ Ready to Bake!™ sugar cookies so you can celebrate any special occasion this spring—even if that “occasion” is simply a sunny day.