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6 Freezer-Friendly, Make-Ahead Cookies

Created August 31, 2020
It’s the busiest time of year, and these cookie recipes are here to help! Get a head-start on your holiday prep—or just stow away cookies for a day you need something sweet, ASAP—by making a batch of these treats in your downtime and stashing them in your freezer for later.

Wondering what other cookies you can freeze? Typically, drop cookies (like chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies) and cut-outs like sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies are very freezer friendly. Delicate cookies like wafers and meringues will not keep well in the freezer, so we would recommend making those fresh or not at all. Here are some general storage rules you should follow when freezing cookies:

First, all cookies need to freeze individually so they don’t stick together when stored in the same container. To do this, place completely cooled cookies on a cookie sheet and pop them in your freezer for about an hour. Then, take them out and layer in an airtight container with wax paper between each layer.

If you can wait to frost your cut-outs until later, you will get best results for those sugar cookies and gingerbread men cookies.

Make sure you use separate containers for each type of cookie to avoid mingling flavors. Label your containers with the date you froze them and the cookie names so you can easily keep track.

When you’re ready to eat your cookies, allow time to let the defrost at room temperature.

Have more cookie questions? Read this How to Make Cookies article for all of the answers, including how to mail cookies, what kind of cookie sheets you should use and more. Then head over to our giant cookie collection for recipe inspiration!