Best-Ever Egg Bakes That Always Hit the Spot

Created July 19, 2018
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and now the most delicious too, thanks to these seriously tasty egg bake recipes. Whether you’re preparing a special weekend breakfast or hosting a brunch party, piling eggs and your favorite fixins into a casserole dish will always be a success. Get started by trying our popular Overnight Southwestern Egg and Sausage Bake or our flavorful Spinach, Feta and Egg Bubble-Up Bake and you’ll see what we mean. MORE+ LESS-

You may have noticed some eggs are different colors at the grocery store. Though eggs can indeed range in color and size, from brown and white to even blue or green, the difference in egg shell color is solely due to genetics, not nutrition. Speaking of nutrition, all chicken eggs are great sources of protein, so go ahead and get crackin’ on making these egg bakes—they’re delicious and give you a nice dose of protein to start your day strong.

Can’t get enough of these amazing egg bake recipes? We’ve got even more egg-cellent breakfast and brunch recipes for you to browse.