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Delicious Dips for Any Occasion

Updated December 4, 2018
Ask a handful of people what their favorite appetizer is, and chances are, you’ll hear “dip” more often than not. Whether you’re watching your favorite football team play a game, celebrating a family member’s birthday, keeping hungry holiday guests happy until the Christmas feast begins or just having a movie night, dips are the perfect snack for any occasion. From skillet dips and no-bake dips to sweet dips, every dip you need for any event is right here.

While dips are usually a unanimous crowd favorite, everyone has a particular way they’d like dip served to them. Here are some expert dip tips to keep your guests coming back for more:

  1. Don’t let those hot dips go cold, unless you’d like some complaints from your guests. This is where having a slow cooker comes in handy. Keep your dip in the slow cooker and on the warm setting, stirring occasionally, so guests can serve themselves a warm scoop of dip at any time.
  2. Some guests prefer their dips with vegetables, some like salty snacks like crackers, chips or pretzels. The more options, the better! Set out bowls of various salty snacks and assemble a veggie tray with items like carrots, celery and bell peppers so guests can pick and choose their dipping vessels. If you’re serving a sweet dip, set out bowls of fruit like strawberries and bananas and various cookies like vanilla wafers, graham crackers or chocolate chip cookies.
  3. Many dips can be made ahead of time! Check the recipe instructions. Many of our no-bake dips can be stored covered in the refrigerator. Make one in the morning so your hungry guests have something to snack on the moment they arrive at your party.