About Us

Created December 8, 2016
Our makers are a select group of bloggers, Pillsbury editors and staffers. We’re dishing up quick, tasty ideas we think you’ll love – fresh from our kitchens to yours. MORE+ LESS-

Our Story

Today we are a vibrant community in pursuit of easy, delicious recipes. We stand on the shoulders of a rich making tradition.

1869: An Earnest Beginning

Charles Pillsbury sets forth on an earnest mission to turn a run-down flour mill on the banks of the Mississippi River into a thriving company that sets the highest standards in quality and social responsibility.


1931: A Lively Invention

Pop! Lively B. Willoughby creates the technology that later allows Pillsbury’s fresh dough to literally “pop” in kitchens across the country.


1949: The First Bake-Off® Contest

The first Grand National Recipe and Baking Contest, known today as the Bake-Off® Contest,  crowns its first winner. Theodora Smallfield took home $50,000 for her No-Knead Water-Rising Twists recipe.


1965: Hello, Doughboy!

The Doughboy, originally known as Poppin’ Fresh, is introduced in TV commercials.


1980-'90s: Sweet Innovation

Pillsbury continues to find new ways to bring delight into the heart of the home and introduces ready-made pie crust, microwavable brownies and slice-and-bake cookie dough.


Still Making!

As our kitchens have taken center stage for family activity, we remain dedicated to serving today’s busy families with delicious, doable recipes. Meet our contributors.