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Kid-Approved Turkey Day Treats

Created December 8, 2016
Kids decorating thanksgiving cookies and pies
Part craft, part dessert: These too-cute turkey cookies and adorably “foxy” pie slices make the kids’ table the place to be.
Gobble Gobble Turkey Cookies

Too-Cute Turkey Cookies

Make your cookies in advance and set the table with frosting and sweet decorations: peanut butter cups, mini M&Ms®, vanilla wafers and sprinkles galore!

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Fox-faced pie

Fox-Faced Pie

Halved fig-flavored Newtons cookies make alert ears on top of your classic Pumpkin Pie. Let the kids decorate their slices with a whipped cream mask and chocolate candy eyes and nose.

Turkey-faced pie

Turkey-Faced Pie

Mini Oreo® cookies plus M&Ms® make a fun googly-eyed turkey face for pumpkin pie. Finish it with a fancy candy corn tail and Newton nose.