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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020

Created November 16, 2020
Whether it’s your first time fixing a delicious Thanksgiving meal, you’re a seasoned pro, or you're expecting less company than usual, we’ve gathered some of our favorite Thanksgiving 2020 ideas so you can plan family-filled fun into your day of thanks. Spend this family time by trying new dining themes, creative menu inspiration and don’t forget to wave to the Pillsbury ™ Doughboy in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! No matter what your day will look like this year, we know it will be a special one.

Dine Virtually

Just because you can’t visit all of your favorite people in person this year doesn’t mean you all can’t still experience the festivities together. Schedule a virtual meal over FaceTime or Zoom, before, during or after dinner so you can still feel close on the big day. If you’re all local, consider setting up a safe food share where people drop off components of a meal to share and enjoy over video chat. On a positive note, a smaller Thanksgiving means fewer dishes to clean.

Dine Al Fresco

If you're lucky enough to have patio heaters or outdoor fall weather on Thanksgiving, there’s nothing like enjoying a meal in the fresh air—perfect for a small group! Decorate your outdoor dining table with some seasonal flair and if you think you might expect some chill later in the day, add throw pillows and a small fire to the mix to make it feel extra cozy.

Try a New Menu

Maybe you've always wanted to break away from the traditional Thanksgiving dishes for a change. This is your chance—try a Mexican-food feast, Italian extravaganza, maybe swap your turkey for seafood. You could even start the festivities earlier with an all-breakfast-food Thanksgiving. See what your family has always wanted to try and come up with some unexpected meal combinations.

Keep It Simple

Your guest list may be a bit smaller than usual and it’s ok to scale back your menu. Consider cooking turkey breast instead of a whole bird. You could even give ham, duck or Cornish hen a shot. Serve fewer side dishes or smaller portions of your family's favorites. Just make sure you still have enough for next-day leftovers. Whatever Thanksgiving looks like to you, all that matters is that you’re someplace where you can savor the memories. And don’t forget to take plenty of pictures!

For additional Thanksgiving guidelines and considerations for a safe holiday, visit: