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Outdoor Family Gathering Ideas for Holidays

Family roasting marshmallows over a fire pit
While celebrating anything in 2020 is no easy feat, there are some steps you can take to make sure your holiday gathering is as safe as possible. As colder weather and shorter days make it harder to be outdoors, a little creativity can help make this the most memorable holiday yet. Below you'll find some fun ideas for sharing season's greetings outdoors with loved ones in a safe manner. Hosting may be trickier this year, but there are still plenty of ways to stay connected over the holidays.

Bring the Warmth Outside

This winter is a great time to get a fire pit or a brand-new patio heater. If you're not able to bring one of those home, bundle up with winter clothes and grab some hand warmers. With some extra warm layers and a hot drink, you can still enjoy time together. Make sure you have plenty of cozy blankets available on hand, too.

Plan your set-up ahead of time. You can get the kids involved and have them decorate safely-distanced spaces for everyone on the patio. Have just one person with well-washed hands pour drinks or serve food to minimize the number of people touching surfaces.

Find New Food Traditions

Your usual Christmas feast probably includes sit-down main dishes like prime rib, ham, or turkey, but this year there's an opportunity to try new holiday items that are easier to enjoy for informal dining. Try a fun take on your favorite traditions with some pop-able appetizers. This collection of bite-sized starters is full of tasty inspiration for your outdoor holiday celebration.

Keep It Short and Change the Timing

You may be used to getting together with family in the evenings for long multicourse dinners. Instead, consider getting together outside in the middle of the day when the sun is out this year, and keep the celebration short. Even a quick get-together for snacks and a hot drink can be better than not seeing anyone at all. Just remember to stay safely distant and stay outdoors to be as responsible as possible.

Fire up the Grill

That's right, you can grill in the winter as well. Bundle up, choose some quick-cooking foods, allow extra time for the grill to warm up and enjoy some smoky, fresh flavors. This foil pack collection has several options for quick and easy grilling in the winter.

When All Else Fails, Embrace the Cold

Have a snowball fight with your family. Build a snowman. Make snow angels. Find an isolated hill and go sledding. Embrace the early-setting sun to do some stargazing after dinnertime. Mindset is everything! And good news –wearing a mask keeps you safe AND keeps you warm.