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Kid-friendly Creations for Cinco de Mayo

Created April 20, 2021
Turn kitchen time into family time this Cinco de Mayo. With festive dishes, easy desserts, Cinco de Mayo crafts, and taco recipes galore, your kids will love cooking these meals as much as they'll love eating them. Here are the best Cinco de Mayo foods for kids.

Mexican-inspired Food for Every Meal

A fun way to kick off your Cinco de Mayo celebration is to start with breakfast. With so many delicious recipes, you can make Tex-Mex food throughout the day! Have your kids lend a hand in the kitchen to make it a family event.


Quick and easy breakfast burritos are a festive way to begin your day! Have the kids prepare their own dish and add flavorful toppings like taco sauce, salsa, or sour cream.


Kid-friendly Cinco de Mayo lunches can take many shapes. Quesadillas can be customized with black beans, shredded chicken, or sauteed veggies. You could also opt for nachos and let the kids build their own Mexican-inspired masterpieces.


Try our top-rated Taco Crescent Ring recipe that's a fan favorite. An easy addition to your Cinco de Mayo spread, this dish wows with flavor. You could also add taco seasoning and veggies to your classic lasagna, make a taco pizza, or explore Tex-Mex flavors by adding spices and sauces to familiar dishes.


Chips and dip is a Cinco de Mayo staple. Mash up some fresh guacamole for yourself and have some mild tomato pico de gallo for the kids. Queso is another option that's easy to make and well-loved by kids.


An approachable dessert can help kids try new flavors, whether it's sweet cinnamon or Mexican chocolate. With so many options to choose from, have your kids weigh in and choose one of these celebratory treats to try. Churro and Chocolate Flatbread, Apple Enchiladas, or Mexican Chocolate Crunch Brownies are among the recipes to make.

Crafts and More

Cinco de Mayo crafts are a family-favorite activity and a sweet way to make memories together. From cooking delicious Tex-Mex foods to creating beautiful paper decorations, you can enjoy the holiday without ever leaving home.

Paper Flowers

Craft bright and colorful tissue paper flowers to add as a festive accent to your Cinco de Mayo dinner table. Simply layer tissue paper and attach to pipe cleaners for an easy floral look that doubles as a holiday activity.

Cinco de Mayo Flag Decor

Another way to add a touch of decor? Flags! Cut out fun patterns and shapes to create a bright Cinco de Mayo banner-like flag to hang in your home.

No matter what feels right for your family's celebration, there are endless ways to commemorate this holiday with Mexican-inspired recipes and fun Cinco de Mayo games.