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Pumpkin Party Mix How-To

By Bree Hester
Updated September 16, 2018
Snack mix wrapped up in a pumpkin costume makes an adorable Halloween treat.

Send guests home from your holiday party with fun snack mix favors. A combo of sweet, salty, crunchy and chocolate ingredients makes this mix irresistible!

party mix in serving dish

All you need to package up this treat are a few things from a craft store. Start with an orange plastic tablecloth. Trace around a large plate to make circles. Cut out the circles and scoop 1/2 to 3/4 cup of the party mix into the center.

orange tablecloth cut into circle, serving of party mix in the center

Gather the sides of the circle, twist and secure with a long piece of thin floral wire. Twist and wrap the pumpkin stem with green floral tape, and use a pencil to curl the ends of the floral wire.

party mix wrapped up into pumpkin shape and sealed with twisted wire

Who wouldn't love getting a little pumpkin with a surprise inside?

party mix in serving dish, snack mix pumpkins with green tape stems