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How to Make Adorable Bacon-Cinnamon Roll Easter Bunnies

Bacon-Cinnamon Roll Bunnies
Oh. For. Cute.

Go home, chocolate rabbits. So long, candy eggs. Sit this year out, marshmallow chicks. There’s a new adorable + edible Easter tradition in town.

Bacon-Cinnamon Roll Bunnies

I’m talking about these Bacon-Cinnamon Roll Bunnies, the Easter answer to Thanksgiving’s Cinnamon Roll Turkeys. These seriously cute little faces are so easy to make, but still so impressive and Instagram-worthy, you’ll almost feel like you got away with something.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 cookie sheets (at least one rimmed) and 1 wire baking rack 
  • Parchment paper and aluminum foil (optional, but recommended for easy cleanup) 
  • 1 or more tubes Grands!® Flaky Cinnamon Rolls with Icing 
  • 1 package bacon (allow 2 slices bacon for every 1 cinnamon roll) 
  • Mini pretzel twists, chocolate chips, and jelly beans (for decorating)

Heat oven to 350°F. Place wire rack on foil-lined rimmed cookie sheet (the rimmed sheet will catch bacon drippings). Line second cookie sheet with parchment paper if available.

Fold uncooked bacon slices in half and arrange in a single layer on wire baking rack (these will be the bunny ears). Meanwhile, separate cinnamon roll dough into five rolls; place about 3 inches apart on a second cookie sheet. Bake both sheets for 20 minutes, until cinnamon rolls are light golden brown and bacon is cooked through and evenly crisp.

Remove both pans from oven and allow to cool 5-10 minutes. Ice cinnamon rolls as directed on package.

Cinnamon rolls, bacon, pretzels, chocolate chips, jelly beans

Arrange two folded pieces of bacon underneath each cinnamon roll in a pair of bunny ears. Give your bunnies faces with decorations like pretzel noses, chocolate chip eyes and jelly bean teeth.

Admire your work, snap a photo or two (optional), and enjoy your sweet and savory (and oh-so-crafty) Easter breakfast.