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DIY Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Created March 26, 2021
Surprise-Inside Crescent Eggs, Bunny Butt Cookies, Cinnamon Roll Bunnies, Colorful dyed eggs, Pipe cleaner flowers
Easter is the perfect time for new beginnings. What better holiday to start new traditions with your family? These DIY Easter crafts are great activities for kids, as they encourage creativity while helping your family make holiday memories at home.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Dyeing eggs is an absolute must for Easter. This fun and easy DIY craft is something your kids will look forward to every year. Create your own homemade egg dye by filling a few jars with water, vinegar and food coloring. There are countless ways to decorate Easter eggs, but you can’t go wrong with the classics.


  • 1 dozen hard-boiled eggs
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring or an egg dyeing kit

Pipe Cleaner Spring Flowers

You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy these spring flowers. Bring a pop of color to your home by fashioning pipe cleaners and pieces of construction paper into flowers. You can make the petals from paper or use different colored pipe cleaners to bring these flowers to life. You’ll be amazed by the creativity your kids show as they come up with unique ways to recreate the flowers that are blossoming around your neighborhood.


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Construction paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors