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The Doughboy's Favorite Way to Connect with Your Kids: Sunday Dinner at Home

Created November 15, 2019
Family at the dinner table
This weekend, connect with your favorite people over your favorite food at your favorite dinner spot in town—home!

Sunday dinner is more than just a meal—it’s a weekly opportunity for your family to slow down and really connect with each other before Monday rolls around and another busy week flies by.

Since you only get one Sunday dinner a week, of course you want to make it special. But that doesn’t have to mean going a restaurant—some of the best moments of connecting with your kids happen right at home. Instead of going out to a crowded restaurant with a lot of distracting background noise, or eating delivery while you zone out with Sunday night TV, make one of our best restaurant-inspired recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen. You’ll be able to really focus on each other and making this time together count.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy all your favorite dishes, as well as your favorite people, around your usual table (the kitchen table, that is). We have a hunch that your DIY versions of these family restaurant faves might be even better than the originals!

Fresh bread makes meals special.
Fresh bread makes meals special.
One of the best parts of any meal out is the bread basket—especially if it’s endless! Easily recreate that restaurant feel at home with warm-from-the-oven Pillsbury™ breadsticks or French bread. (Want to really impress the family? Wrap them in a cloth napkin and serve in a basket.)

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