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The Doughboy's Favorite Christmastime Competition: Snowball Fight!

Updated November 20, 2019
The Pillsbury Doughboy and Russian Tea Cakes
The Doughboy’s got a new challenger snowball cookie recipe to take on the reigning champ, our Easiest-Ever Russian Tea Cakes. Which one will win? You decide!

The Doughboy always gets excited when there is snow in the forecast (maybe it’s because the first time he saw Frosty the Snowman he thought they might be related—same skin tone, body type and love of fancy hats). Sledding, snowmen and snow days are some of his favorite winter wonders. But what he loves most of all is a good snowball fight (especially when the “snowballs” are actually cookies)!

Instead of heading outside in the cold, you can have your very own “snowball fight” indoors—with a little help from the Doughboy, of course! Make the most of a magical snow day—a day suddenly free of commitments and an opportunity to spend quality time with your family—by hanging out together and baking up some delicious cookies.

The Oldie But Goodie

The New Kid on the Block

Snow Day Sweets
Snow Day Sweets
We have even more adorable (and foolproof) treats to make on the snowiest of days—or whenever you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Drink Something Cozy with Your Cookies

Sure, you’ve made your cookies (and picked a winner of the snowball fight!), but now it’s time to pair those delicious bites with warm, cozy drinks like these.