9 Easy DIY Food Gifts for Your Secret Santa

Updated November 8, 2018
When it’s the thought that counts, count on a gift from the warmest room in your home.

The holiday season is a time for showing those around you how much you care, and what better way than with a Secret Santa gift exchange? An age-old tradition, Secret Santa gift exchanges are a great way to celebrate the season with coworkers, friends or family. And in addition to being a fun yearly tradition to look forward to, these gift exchanges are also an opportunity to get to know a new friend or coworker.

If you’re new to Secret Santa-ing, the rules are simple: Get together a group and make a list of everyone who wants to participate, and put their names in a hat. Each person draws a name and is responsible for providing a present for that person. But remember, it’s anonymous, so no spoilers! Your giftee shouldn’t know you bought the gift for them until the day of.

In some cases, Secret Santa groups decide that rather than giving one bigger present to a single person, they’d rather do a group giveaway, where each person will bring a small gift for everyone participating to enjoy (a solid option for some of these shareable desserts!).

Finally, decide on a price limit ($5, $10, etc.) for gifts that’s comfortable for everyone in the group—that way everyone who wants to participate can.

No matter what kind of gift exchange you do, when choosing the perfect gift, it’s important to pick something simple, yet thoughtful. And it doesn’t get more thoughtful than a gift you make with care in your own kitchen. With these homemade treats, you’ll put a smile on your giftee’s face, and you won’t have to brave the mall just to find a gift within the price limit. (Extra Santa points if you wrap the gift in his or her favorite color—and find out their favorite color ahead of time without tipping them off that you’re their Santa!)