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4 Cute Ways to Make a Snowman (Regardless of Weather)

We’ve been singing about a snowman named Frosty since 1950—this year, get in on the nostalgic Christmas fun and decorate your own!

There are a lot of things to love about the Christmas tradition of making a snowman, but maybe the best thing of all is just how perfectly old-fashioned it really is. We’ve been making snowmen the same way since before Christmas trees came pre-lit!

But what if it’s not snowman weather where you live? Or your favorite Christmas movie is on TV and you don’t want to miss it by going outside? Not to fear: You can still have just as much fun decorating a snowman you bake. Instead of rounding up hats, scarves and carrots, you’ll round up sprinkles, candy and frosting—but the memories you make along the way will be just as sweet. Let’s make a snowman!