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Back to Schoodel Doodles

Created July 21, 2017
Make school days brighter with oodles of doodle ideas! Doodle on Toaster Strudel's delicious flavors and doodle for schoodel on Post-it-Notes. With tons of doodle ideas breakfast and lunch will never be boring again. See more school fun >

Make their mornings fun with doodles! Draw an easy doodle on a Post-it note or get creative with their Toaster Strudel to make going back to school exciting.

Back-to-Schooldel-Doodles - Fun Puns

Don't make going back to school boring. Brighten up their mornings with fun puns and silly strudel doodles!

Back-to-Schooldel-Doodles - Lunch Notes

Let them know you care even when you can't be there! Surprise them at school or after the bell with lunch notes and encouraging doodles!