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11 Cereals All 90s Kids Love

Created December 8, 2016
Hidden Treasures; Sprinkle Spangles
It’s a love that doesn’t die.

Lucky Charms (1992*)

Lucky Charms

Yes, Lucky Charms got its start in 1964, but 1992 brought us the addition of the (now-classic) purple horseshoe marshmallow.


Hidden Treasures + Sprinkle Spangles (1993-1995)

Hidden Treasures; Sprinkle Spangles

From 1993-1995, it was cereal survival of the fittest. Not even the “Sprinkle Genie” mascot (voiced by Dom DeLuise) could save Sprinkle Spangles. (Sniff.)


Ripple Crisp (1993)

Ripple Crisp


Fingos (1993)


“The cereal made to eat with your fingers!”


Buñuelitos (1993)


“It’s as fun to say as it is to eat!” For the record: Boo-New-L-Eat-Ohs. (The commercial is not to be missed.)


Wheaties Dunk-a-Balls + Quarterback Crunch (1994)

Wheaties Dunk-a-Balls + Quarterback Crunch

1994 was the year fans could eat their favorite sports for breakfasts.


Reese’s Puffs (1994- )

Reese’s Puffs

Want to feel old? If Reese’s Puffs were a person, they’d graduate college this year.


Betty Crocker Dutch Apple Cereal (1996)

Betty Crocker Dutch Apple Cereal

Betty Crocker launched this limited-edition cereal (plus a Cinnamon Streusel flavor) in 1996.


Millenios (1999)


No 90s cereal list is complete without this one. On Sept. 8, 1999, hundreds of New Yorkers, Dick Clark and a giant New Year's ball were in Times Square for a pre-New Year's Eve countdown to introduce Millenios, “The Official Cereal of the Millennium.” (That was a very 1999 sentence.)

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