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Our New Pillsbury™ Shape™ Lisa Frank™ Sugar Cookie Dough Is Here! And "You Gotta Have It!™"

Created January 4, 2022
Did you hear the good news? Our limited-edition Pillsbury™ Shape™ Lisa Frank™ Sugar Cookie Dough is on shelves now! You can now enjoy everything you love about our place-and-bake cookie dough with the colorful and ever-iconic designs of Lisa Frank!

This legendary cookie dough is safe to eat raw and makes a servable, snackable treat your family can enjoy within minutes. Take it from us: You Gotta Have It!™ Head to your local grocery store and stock up before it's gone.

Markie Wants to Know What's Your Unicorn Name

To celebrate our official cookie partnership, Markie™ the unicorn wants to invite us all to play a game! Use the first letter of your name and the month you were born to uncover your unique, unicorn name! Even Poppin' Fresh, who is better known as the Doughboy, has one! He's Cutie Starlight and it's perfect!

Our new Pillsbury™ Shape™ Lisa Frank™ Sugar Cookie Dough is only available for a limited time, so jump on a rainbow and head to your grocery store today!