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Spice Up Your Regular Dinners With These Fun Customizations

Refresh your recipe routine and bring some fun to your dinnertime prep with these flavorful customizations! These simple swaps will give your favorite recipes a tasty twist the whole family will love, so reimagine your weekly menu with some of our delicious suggestions!

Add Vegetables

Whether you're making a meatless dish as your main entree or simply aiming to add some satisfying flavors to your meal, vegetables can take any recipe from ordinary to over-the-top! Our Roasted Vegetable Mac and Cheese packs a classic comfort food with carrots and broccoli for a flavor-loaded meal that preps in five fuss-free steps. Feeding a crowd? This Slab Tomato Pie is made light and refreshing with sliced tomatoes and basil, and it's oven-ready in 20 minutes!

Swap Bread for Pretzels

Our secret to making any dish an instant hit? Skip your usual bread dough and opt for pretzel flavors instead! Pillsbury™ Classic Crust Pizza Crust make prepping pretzels easy so you can serve up something impressive with minimal effort. Discover a new way to enjoy a family-favorite dinner with our easy Pretzel-Topped Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie or try your hand at these Stuffed Pretzel Dippers with Cheesy Mustard for a surefire snack idea.

Put A Twist on Traditional Pasta

Whether you love marinara or you're loyal to alfredo, pasta tends to be one dish so popular that everyone around your table can agree on it! Switch things up and introduce the family to a new kind of flavor-loaded pasta. Craving comfort food? Serve up a mouthwatering mashup of two favorites with our Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Shells. This dish delivers the best of both worlds and it's ready to bake in 10 minutes. Or start a new Tex-Mex night tradition with our One-Pot Taco Spaghetti that preps in two seamless steps!